Industries - FSMG is catered to your specific needs!

With over 100 years of combined experience, FSMG can install any type of structure to suit your individual requirements.

We can install pre-engineered fabric structures that are suitable for a wide variety of applications including: music and sporting events, warehousing, emergency housing, industrial uses such as stockpiling, chemical clean-up facilities and excavation covers, military facilities, aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters, green houses, storage shelters, mining facilities, education facilities such as temporary exam halls, and undercover market areas and retail outlets.

Temporary structures can be erected on most ground surfaces in a matter of days and all comply with building and fire safety regulations. We can install structures that range in size from 1,000 to 100,000+ square feet and we can advise on a range of alternative structures to suit particular circumstances, locations, requirements and budgets.

Talk to FSMG today to discuss the installation of your unique shelter requirements - we're here to keep you covered!

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Events and Conferences

If you need an exhibition area, a corporate conference centre, an event arena or a temporary facility for a music concert, FSMG has you covered. We can install pre-engineered fabric structures that are ideal for conferences and graduations, exhibitions and tradeshows, theatres and concerts, corporate events and product launches, weddings, parties and celebrations, shows and festivals.

FSMG will go above and beyond to create an innovative and memorable event for you and your guests. We can intsall any size and any style structure you require, complete with suitable flooring if required.

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Sporting Facilities

FSMG can install pre-engineered fabric structures that are ideal for sporting facilities such as golf tournaments, horse racing and equestrian events, horse arenas, motorsport, motorcross and bike racing events, soccer, football, rugby and cricket club events, all weather tennis courts, pool coverings, stadium shelters, sports halls and change rooms, gymnasiums for special events, school running and athletics carnivals and all kinds of other sporting and recreational activities.

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Whether you require bulk storage warehousing or a more permanent processing facility, FSMG can install efficient and functional warehouse solutions. The interior spacing of pre-engineered fabric structures allows for cost effective, spacious loading areas and storage facilities and can be configured to accommodate individual requirements.

With no internal support posts, we can install structures that accommodate large vehicles and machinery, so skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders and other equipment can be easily operated within the building.

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Emergency Housing

Government and non-governmental agencies, non-profit agencies and disaster relief organizations can make FSMG their first choice for instant building solutions. FSMG can install emergency shelters, distribution centres and temporary classroom enclosures for disasters such as fires, flooding and hurricanes. With no internal support posts, the temporary structures provide the maximum amount of usable space per square foot, making them ideal for community living quarters, barracks, equipment storage and any other temporary housing and disaster recovery need.

Pre-engineered structures are ideal for disaster recovery operations that require immediately deployable buildings for temporary emergency applications. Modular temporary structures offer a quick, flexible and affordable solution as semi-permanent alternatives to conventional construction. They are flexibly designed so FSMG can construct and build them quickly and effectively to help you save time, money and even lives. We can also easily dismantle and relocate them for any future disaster recovery needs.

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FSMG can install versatile and affordable building alternatives for all industrial applications. Industrial profiles provide cost effective, climate-controlled, fully lit work shelters to keep industrial crews comfortable and your projects on-schedule for sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind.

With no internal support posts, the structures accommodate large vehicles and machinery, so skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders and other equipment can be easily operated within the building.

We can install pre-engineered modular structures that require less on-site installation time. We can easily dismantle them when required and they are readily transportable, keeping your industry on the move.

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FSMG installs a wide range of permanent and relocatable pre-engineered fabric structures suitable for extreme weather conditions in remote locations with rapid install and deployment, ideally suited to military requirements.

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FSMG is the ideal choice for aviation applications. We can install pre-engineered modular designs with rapid installation and deployment times, especially in locations where aircraft hangar space is at a premium or non-existent. With no internal support posts, the compact size and portable nature of the structures makes them ideal for aircraft hangars.

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FSMG can install fabric structures that provide ideal greenhouse conditions and can be designed to the needs of any operation. Installing fabric structures as a greenhouse can improve efficiency by creating an all-weather facility that encourages high nutrient retention and protects against the extremes of the sun, wind and rain. FSMG can install structures with maximum ventilation that can improve air quality and create the perfect greenhouse environment.

Without any internal support posts, the structures accommodate large vehicles and machinery, so skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders and compost turning equipment can be easily operated within the building.

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FSMG can install a fabric structure that provides the maximum storage space, tailored to your exact storage needs. Your goods will get the protection they need and your workers will have a safe working environment.

We can install storage structures that can be quickly and easily relocated or expanded upon. Temporary storage structures are cost effective as they generally require little to no property taxes, due to their temporary nature. They also require minimal maintenance and are not prone to rodents and other pests, due to the lack of space they have to occupy, creating your perfect storage solution.

Without any internal support posts, the storage structures can accommodate large vehicles and machinery, so skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders and other equipment can be easily operated within the building.

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While the mining industry explores and mobilizes from site to site, the need for temporary structures is in high demand. FSMG installs a large range of interim and permanent weatherproof fabric structures for various mining applications. Pre-engineered modular structures can be rapidly installed, easily dismantled and quickly relocated by FSMG, ensuring a continual workflow, all while maintaining the structure's original strength and durability. The structures provide the ultimate safety conditions for work crews and the surrounding community.

FSMG can install mining structures that have been engineered to meet any municipal and regional building requirements. Structures can withstand balanced and unbalanced snow loads, as well as extreme sun exposure, heavy rain and strong winds. Without any internal support posts, the mining structures can also accommodate large vehicles and machinery that can be easily operated within the buildings.

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Schools and Education

FSMG can install temporary and permanent classrooms, lecture halls and exam buildings to suit standard class sizes or whole school venues. We can install structures that stand alone or link to existing school buildings or layouts to suit the space available.

FSMG will work with you to install a bespoke design that meets your precise requirements combined with the highest standards of construction, a contemporary appearance and an affordable price.

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Retail and Pop-up Shops

FSMG can install pre-engineered fabric structures that are the perfect pop-up venue and temporary shop solution for you. They are ideal for providing a seasonal retail space like a Christmas shop or temporary restaurant, or perhaps a number of smaller individual retail units for a Christmas market, or a boutique retail presence at a corporate, sporting or trade show event.

We can install structures that can be easily dismantled and relocated, making them perfect for traveling events, exhibitions or stores, and their temporary nature means that if they are used as a permanent structure, there are little to no property taxes.

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