FSMG is a full-service construction, site supervision, and project management company for the fabric structure and tent industries. We provide a wide array of specialized services throughout all phases of the construction process. Bringing 100+ years of combined industry experience and extensive knowledge, the FSMG team has managed and installed some of the biggest projects and events throughout the USA as well as countless specialized smaller projects.

  • fsmgstructure1lasvegasconventioncenter
  • fsmgstructure2conference
  • fsmgstructure3construction
  • fsmgstructure4
  • fsmgstructure4c
  • fsmgstructure4lasvegasconventioncenter2
  • fsmgstructure5flooring
  • fsmgstructure6
  • fsmgstructure6frame
  • fsmgstructure7westgatecherrypickers
  • fsmgstructure8
  • fsmgstructure8lasvegasconventioncenter3
  • fsmgstructure9pool
  • fsmgstructure10
  • fsmgstructure10-2storey
  • fsmgstructure11
  • fsmgstructure11erectingframe
  • fsmgstructure12glass
  • fsmgstructure14westgate
  • fsmgstructure15
fsmgstructure1lasvegasconventioncenter1 fsmgstructure2conference2 fsmgstructure3construction3 fsmgstructure44 fsmgstructure4c5 fsmgstructure4lasvegasconventioncenter26 fsmgstructure5flooring7 fsmgstructure68 fsmgstructure6frame9 fsmgstructure7westgatecherrypickers10 fsmgstructure811 fsmgstructure8lasvegasconventioncenter312 fsmgstructure9pool13 fsmgstructure1014 fsmgstructure10-2storey15 fsmgstructure1116 fsmgstructure11erectingframe17 fsmgstructure12glass18 fsmgstructure14westgate19 fsmgstructure1520

Our diverse experience and expertise helps us provide a truly customized and comprehensive package of services to meet each client’s unique needs and expectations. Each FSMG team approaches your project with a keen eye over every aspect and interconnects throughout each phase to eliminate surprises, maximize budgets, shorten schedules and provide truly positive experiences for our clients.

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Let FSMG be the eyes, ears and muscles of your construction and logistics projects, enhancing your customer’s satisfaction, so you can concentrate on your customer relations. We've got you covered!

We install modular and portable temporary commercial buildings, fabric and other structures that offer a quick, flexible and affordable solution for applications such as temporary warehousing, emergency storage, temporary premises, relocation during refurbishment or building work, school buildings, greenhouses, temporary exam halls, overflow sports halls, gymnasiums for special events, aircraft hangars, temporary modular warehousing, temporary storage, production, manufacturing and servicing exhibition areas, company conferences, event arenas, concerts, recreational activities, all weather tennis courts, retail areas, recreational, educational and emergency cover, seasonal demands, refurbishment and rebuild projects, or temporary housing in the event of fire or flood damage.

Quotation MarksOut of the box solutions to every construction, logistical and project management scenario drawing on over 100 years of industry-specific experienceEnd Quotation Marks

FSMG believe that it is our job to not just deliver successful outcomes, but also a smooth, enjoyable process that respects the project owners’ investments. We have carefully crafted and perfected all of our construction processes, guided by our commitment to our clients’ success and drive to continually leverage the best practices, materials, equipment, and technology available.

FSMG also provides support, resources, and ongoing communication after the construction phase concludes. Our approach is to work closely with each owner, architect, subcontractor and all other consultants to establish a strong partnership founded on a commitment to offering responsive, quality and value-driven services to ensure mutual long-term success.

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